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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the creative process usually take?

Typically, the crafting of a custom cartoon can be finalized within the span of a week. However, for more intricate or elaborate cartoons, a slightly longer timeframe might be required to ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail.

What's the method of receiving my personalized cartoon?

The delivery of your tailor-made cartoon comes with two convenient options: it will either be sent directly to your inbox via email, or you can effortlessly download it using a secure link thoughtfully provided on this website. Rest assured, all delivered images are of the highest quality, boasting a sharp 300dpi resolution, ensuring they are ready for top-notch printing.

How and when should I make my payment?

Upon your complete satisfaction with the final rendition of your cartoon, you’ll receive an invoice that enables you to securely process your payment online. This can be done conveniently using either a credit card or PayPal, providing you with a hassle-free transaction experience.

Can I personalize the caption or text?

Absolutely! Your cartoon is meticulously tailored to your exact specifications. Should you require artwork that harmoniously complements a particular caption or joke, that’s precisely what we’ll achieve – a seamless integration of text and imagery.

Is a different artistic style possible?

Certainly! If your creative vision demands an artistic style not currently listed, such as a political or editorial cartoon, simply indicate your preference, and I’ll adeptly execute the cartoon in the specific style you desire.

Who holds the copyright to the artwork?

Upon the successful completion of your custom cartoon, the ownership rights seamlessly transfer to you. You’re free to utilize and showcase your creation in any manner you deem fit, enjoying complete creative control over its usage.